Company Profile

Highest precision, business courage and readyness for taking risks don't have to be contrasts. A proof for this is the history of success of the praezimat GmbH Doebra. Founded in 1950 by Mr. Heinz Petzold, the company made a name for itself as a supplier for consumer's industry. It's turned components were used in record players, gas apparatuses, washing machines and many other devices. Already in 1965 the company has had 40 employees. From the very beginning Mr. Petzold's wife Hildegard was co-working and led the company as a director after it's nationalization in 1972. Mr. Heinz Petzold had to quit for health.

Their son Gunter Petzold, born in 1951, has studied machine construction and has initially worked at the "Kunstseidenwerk Pirna" (Rayon factory). Meanwhile the praezimat company has become a branch of "Elektronische Erzeugnisse Dorfhain" (Electronical products). When the position of technical director has been advertised Mr. Gunter Petzold used this opportunity. But the young engineer realized that there has scarcely been any possibility for his personal progress. Therefore he left for "Metallverarbeitung Maxen" (Metal processing) in 1982.

In 1990 the political change brought the chance of the company's de-nationalization. With spirit and courage Mr. Gunter Petzold put himself into that challenge. From the very beginning he systematically set up his company and gradually bought modern CNC machines. The biggest problem was the development of new markets. The entrepreneur found out that the exhaustive conversion of devices for natural gas could be an important branch in the eastern area of Germany. He was successful in establishing as a provider of various turned components for gas devices.

Actually, manufacturers of valve devices as well as measuring and controlling equipment belong to his customers. The owner of the company is particularly proud of that all 10 CNC machines and the modern drilling and milling center are producing right round the clock. Since June 1999, the quality management of the company has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Actually, the enterprise gives 18 regional employees a professional perspective again.